Dallas Branch
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Eligibility and Qualifications

The following are summaries of eligibility and qualification requirements. The application form contains detailed information that should be read and followed. The National Membership Committee is flexible to developing new categories.

Letters ~ Professional women eligible for letters membership include authors, co-authors, advertising sales promoters, compilers, dramatists, editors, genealogists, lecturers, librettists, lyric writers, periodical writers, photo journalists, poets, press writers, script writers for communication media or motion pictures, research workers, and musicologists. Required credentials proof of publication and payment.

Art ~ Professional women eligible for the art membership include architects, cartoonists, craftswomen, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, painters, photographers, and sculptors. Credentials submitted must include proof of payment for works or services and, for exhibiting artists, proof of work accepted in three juried exhibitions. In addition, the painter, sculptor, craftsman, or graphic artist must show proof of work accepted for at least three select juried exhibitions.

Composition in Music and Dance ~ Professional women eligible for the music membership may present original compositions or original creative arrangements that have been professionally published or performed in a public forum. Choreographers shall present notated scores or videor or filmed performances. Credentials shall be accompanied by proof of payment, or salary, for creating and directing the work submitted.

Membership Application
Candidate will complete an application for membership and send to Carolyn Frenzel, Dallas Membership Chair, 14307 County Rd. 4013, Mabank, TX  75147-3171, along with the required credentials and fees. After acceptance by the Dallas branch and proper endorsements are secured, Carolyn then forwards the application packet to the designated National Membership Chair for consideration. Click here for NLAPW membership application.

All interested prospective members are welcome to attend our meetings to learn more about the Dallas Branch. If you have any questions, please email Carolyn Frenzel.